Is is safe to leave someone with dementia home alone?

My father is in the mid stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.  He lives with us & we leave him alone for several hours at a time while we are working.  What are some of the signs that this may not be safe to do anymore?


Please don’t wait until an emergency incident to happen before you determine he needs someone to look over him 24 hours a day! Ask yourself these questions & make immediate arrangements for his care & supervision if necessary.

·      Does he become confused or unpredictable under stress?

·      Recognize a dangerous situation such as a fire?

·      Would he let a stranger into the home?

·      Know how to use the telephone or otherwise get help in an emergency?

·      Does he wander or become disoriented?

·      Would he try to leave in the car?

·      Attempt to pursue activities that may now warrant supervision such as cooking, woodworking or appliance repair?