The move to Memory Care

How do I manage my mom’s actual move into Memory Care to help things go smoothly?

Moving day may be an emotional day for you & a confusing day for your mom. To avoid agitation, don’t involve your mom in the actual move.  Set her room up ahead of time with familiar items such as photos, blankets, pillows & trinkets. Walk around to create a sense of familiarity & routine. Along the way, introduce yourself & your mom to the staff, especially with those who will be providing her care. If possible, join her for a meal on her first day (ask the chef if you can request her favorite food!). Don’t make a big deal when you say good bye to leave.  Assure her that she will be safe & cared for, & that you will see her again soon. Be sure to let the staff know when you depart so they can provide her with extra support after you go.