Finding a local care home

Help!  We need to find a local care home. 

The nurse that comes by gave us a list of homes to call.  The 1st one we called had closed a year ago; the 2nd was full; the next was way too expensive…! I am spending so much time calling places that aren’t even going to work!  Can you help?


Often well-meaning individuals will suggest options (or in your case give you a list which obviously was outdated). Unless they work closely with the carehomes it is hard to know which carehomes have openings, the level of care they provide, their rates etc., or, as in your example, know when a care home closes or a new home opens. It isn’t very helpful when you are left with the task of making several time-consuming calls which may not even be the correct referrals for you.  A Senior Care Consultant knows all these factors & will only give you referrals that are customized for your needs. These services are generally provided at no cost to senior & their families.  I am happy to help.